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IP Audits/Due Diligence

Miami Intellectual Property Lawyers Serving Clients on a Global Scale

Do you have a clear understanding of the scope and value of your company’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio? For many companies, staying on top of IP protection is a formidable challenge. From new product development to new marketing initiatives for existing product and service offerings, the more effort employees put into helping your company grow, the more intangible assets you have to protect, and the more important it becomes to ensure that you have a comprehensive IP development and protection strategy in place.

At Peretz Chesal & Herrmann, P.L., we assist our clients with all aspects of intellectual property management. While this means monitoring and protecting existing brands, it also means identifying and securing newly-developed and newly-acquired IP. In certain circumstances, protecting existing assets can mean acquiring new assets as well, and we also assist our clients by providing strategic asset acquisition recommendations.

Identifying, Acquiring and Protecting IP

Our IP audit and due diligence practice focuses on serving clients in three main areas: (i) identifying developed and acquired assets that require protection, (ii) recommending supplemental IP registrations in order to enhance exclusivity and protection, and (iii) ensuring ongoing compliance to avoid loss of IP rights.

Asset Analysis

Most companies have more intellectual property assets than they realize. Through detailed asset analysis, we ensure that our clients have comprehensive understandings of their IP portfolios. We also help our clients identify brands, products and other assets that may create exposure to infringement liability; and, once we have a clear picture of what our clients have to protect, we can then file for appropriate protection in the United States and abroad. 

Asset Recommendation

By analyzing our clients’ IP portfolios, we are also able to make recommendations for strategic acquisitions that enhance the value of their portfolios while also strengthening their existing IP rights. For example, this could mean registering trademarks or domain names that are similar enough to existing marks to create confusion in the marketplace, but different enough to potentially be acquired by third parties. Or, it could mean taking the steps necessary for software code, confidential data or other proprietary information to qualify for trade secret protection. 


Maintaining exclusivity of trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and other IP rights requires compliance with all applicable registration and protection requirements. We provide comprehensive and proactive IP compliance services on a worldwide scale. From responding to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Office Actions and filing Statements of Use to renewing and maintaining IP registrations across the globe, we take care of protecting our clients’ IP assets so that they can stay focused on using these assets to their advantage. 

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