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False Advertising

False Advertising Attorneys in Miami, FL

State and federal false advertising statutes present a variety of risks for companies that sell products and services to consumers. Competitors can file lawsuits alleging use of false representations (or omissions of material information) to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, customers can file lawsuits (including class action lawsuits) alleging individual harm, and regulatory authorities can take enforcement action against companies suspected of defrauding consumers.

Of course, false advertising by competitors can also cause significant harm to companies that play by the rules. Whether published intentionally or unintentionally, inaccurate representations about a company’s products or services can drive consumer demand away from your business, potentially resulting in millions of dollars of lost profits. To mitigate this damage, companies must often act quickly to combat false advertising, whether that means addressing the issue informally or seeking immediate injunctive relief in court.

Litigation Counsel for False Advertising Claims in South Florida and Nationwide

Our attorneys provide aggressive representation for companies on both sides of false advertising claims in South Florida and nationwide. We defend companies accused of publishing false claims by competitors, consumers and regulatory authorities, and we pursue claims on behalf of companies that have suffered economic harm due to competitors’ misleading representations and omissions. We have experience representing clients in a broad range of industries, and we handle cases involving allegations such as:

  • Bait-and-switch schemes
  • Deceptive marketing practices
  • Deceptive product labeling
  • False “Made in America” claims
  • False product or service representations
  • Fraudulent rebate offers
  • Inaccurate comparative advertising
  • Omissions of material information 
  • Other forms of deceptive advertising and unfair competition

In all cases, determining the grounds to pursue a claim or a company’s potential exposure requires a comprehensive and detailed factual investigation. Our attorneys work closely with clients’ key stakeholders and independent investigators to discover all relevant facts, and we make strategic use of the pre-trial discovery process to gather the evidence we need to support or defend against false advertising claims. While many false advertising claims will be ripe for settlement once the pertinent facts are on the table, when in our clients’ best interests, we make effective use of formal court procedures to protect against market losses and reputational harm.

Although state and federal false advertising laws are intended to protect consumers, they also susceptible to abuse – particularly by companies seeking to interfere with their competitors’ marketing efforts. With our attorneys’ extensive understanding of the law derived from decades of experience in litigation, we are able to quickly assess the merits of false advertising claims and execute case strategies focused on the realities at hand. To discuss your situation in confidence, please contact us today.

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