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28th Jan, 2014    News

Peretz Chesal & Herrmann Annual Year-End Holiday Party

The firm held its annual year-end party on December 11, 2013 at Rare Steakhouse. A fun time was had by all. Congratulations to the following award winners:

  • Carly Johnson: MVS Award (Most Valuable Associate)
  • Josh Saltz: MPA Award (Most Patient Associate)
  • Moish Peltz: MDA Award (Most Devoted Associate)
  • Sunday Sidron-Hord: KIAT Award (Keeping it all Together)
  • Erika Montane: HCA Award (Happy Camper Award)
  • Cynthia Castro: SLDM Award (Say Little, Do Much)
  • Cristina Sammataro: MVNP (Most Valuable New Player)