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Intellectual Property Litigation

Our attorneys have decades of experience and a track record of success litigating cutting edge patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and unfair competition claims. Whether we’re before a trial or appellate court, at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or negotiating a settlement, we have the skill and the experience that your case demands.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Programs

PCH attorneys have successfully fought pirates and counterfeiters around the country. From border protection, to civil seizures, to undercover investigations, to training and working with law enforcement, we get the job done. Our record of arrests, convictions, seizures, TROs and seven-figure damage awards speaks for itself.

Global Trademark Portfolio Management and Brand Protection

Using our skilled staff in the U.S. and our large network of highly qualified foreign associates, we have registered and defended trademarks and trade dress around the world. With a state-of-the-art portfolio management system, a sophisticated understanding of the global marketplace and a commitment to strategic planning, our Board Certified attorneys know how to maximize the development and protection of your brand.

Licensing and Entertainment

From software to video games, to celebrity personae, books, characters, art and designs, our attorneys have a wealth of experience negotiating and preparing license agreements that are user friendly yet ironclad. Our sophistication in merchandising and skill at negotiation get the deal done and done right.

Copyright Counseling and Protection

Whether you’re creating a work or using someone else’s, buying a business, hiring a freelancer, protecting a database, licensing images, or posting a website, our attorneys work proactively to make sure you own and register the copyrights your business depends on. Experienced and up-to-date in this rapidly-evolving area of the law, we give our clients the advice they need to secure their rights, avoid litigation, and maximize their growth.

IP Audits/ Due Diligence

You can’t protect it if you don’t know you’ve got it. You can’t buy it unless you know what it’s worth. Our attorneys can audit your business or the assets you contemplate purchasing to identify and evaluate the strength of intellectual property assets, recommend protection for them, ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and conduct due diligence in connection with mergers, acquisitions and other corporate events.

Trade Secrets

From customer lists to your secret formula, our attorneys can help you protect the crown jewels of your business even if copyright, trademark or patent protection is unavailable. We understand the importance of trade secrets to your business and know how to protect and defend them. We’ll help you implement a comprehensive trade secret protection program, negotiate and draft license agreements to maximize revenues from your trade secrets, enforce your trade secret rights, and defend you against theft of trade secret claims.

Case Studies: Intellectual Property Litigation

Narrow Construction of Patent Claims

Representing an Internet company accused of patent infringement at a two-day hearing in Ohio federal court, our attorneys persuaded the judge to narrowly construct the plaintiff's patent.
Result: Our client was able to obtain an early dismissal of the lawsuit against it.

Speedy Dismissal of Trademark Claim

A conservation group seeking to protect the Florida Everglades from pollution engaged our attorneys to defend against a trade dress infringement case challenging the group's petition design.
Result: Dismissal of the case with prejudice within 10 days of filing.

$4.5 Million Settlement in Patent & False Advertising Case

A Texas-based manufacturer of scouting cameras that remotely photograph wildlife engaged our attorneys to sue a competitor in Texas for infringing its patented technology and for engaging in false comparative advertising.
Result: A $4.5 million settlement one month before trial.

$1.8 Million Jury Verdict in Copyright Case

The developer of software that enabled yacht brokers to create yacht listings for sale on the Internet engaged our attorneys to sue a competitor for copying over a thousand yacht listings and posting them online.
Result: A $1.8 million jury verdict after a two week trial.

TRO Against Use of Disparaging Domain Name

One of the nation's leading home builders engaged our attorneys to stop the use of its trademark as part of a domain name for a disparaging website.
Result: A federal TRO blocking the use of the domain name.